Dean Jackson: The Real Reason Pitcher's Can't Throw 95 MPH 

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On this Patrick Jones Baseball podcast episode, we welcome Dean Jackson. Dean brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our conversation as a former professional pitcher within the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. Dean has recently transitioned from his role at Driveline, where he made significant contributions to the advancement of pitching techniques through motion capture labs; his expertise in mechanics, throwing routines, and recovery remains as relevant as ever. Aspiring pitchers seeking to take their game to new heights will find Dean's insights invaluable.

Dean Jackson


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•  1:26 Background

•  7:33 Life Purpose

•  8:46 Goals

10:35 Pitching Mechanics

14:41 Understanding Genetics

17:34 Does height matter for pitchers?

26:40 Throwing Routines

34:11 Developing command

38:53 Recovery