College Recruiting for Baseball and Softball


I, like most high school baseball players, dreamed of playing college baseball. The only problem was I had no idea how to get there. My parents had no idea how to help me get there. 

How would they? They had never been through the process before. Even if they did, the times were way different back in their day lol. 

What ended up happening is what I see happening still to this day.

 I ended up going to random showcases, camps, and tournaments that I had no business going to. 

The amount of money (thousands of dollars) and, more importantly, TIME that could’ve been saved IF I just had guidance on what to do. 

I sent emails to coaches and never got a response. I saw friends getting offers and started to wonder if I could even play in college. 

I wish I could’ve saved my parents all that money they didn’t need to spend; I also wish I could’ve saved all of that time I wasted wondering what to do next. 

I focused on trying to get recruited instead of focusing on working to become a better baseball player. 

What if I could educate you on exactly what to do during the recruiting process?


I will explain.

• Know what camps and showcases to go to
• How to write and what to say in an email to a coach
• When should you start trying to get recruited?
• What schools should you be looking at?
• Make sure the school is a good fit.
• Do you need a recruiting video?
• Attending college camps and why
• Parents need to know NCAA rules.

Lastly, I personally pick up the phone and reach out to coaches. If I don’t know the coach personally, I will find someone who does.
By the end, you will have clarity on exactly what you need to do to help your son get recruited.
This program will save you money, but more importantly, it will save you TIME.
For this program, I don’t just take anyone. This is only for players that I believe have the ability to make it to the next level. 

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