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Bill Mosiello is a highly experienced baseball coach who has coached at various levels of the game, including college and professional baseball. He has worked with numerous successful players, including Mike Trout, and has coached over 100 players who have gone on to play in the major leagues. Mosiello is currently the head coach of the Ohio State University baseball team.


In this episode, host Patrick Jones interviews Bill Mosiello, head coach of the Ohio State University baseball team. Mosiello shares his insights on coaching and player development, drawing from his extensive experience coaching at different levels of the game. He emphasizes the importance of not only physical talent but also the character and coachability of players. Mosiello also discusses the challenges that players face when transitioning from high school to college baseball and shares his thoughts on the current state of the game.

Key Takeaways:

1. Superstar players are often better people than they are players, and their work ethic and coachability set them apart.

2. The transition from high school to college baseball is a significant jump, and players need to have a sense of urgency and be willing to get uncomfortable in order to improve.

3. Coaching at the professional level gave Mosiello a greater appreciation for the difficulty of the game and the importance of continuous learning and development.

4. Mosiello believes in keeping hitting mechanics simple and focusing on getting a good pitch to hit and being on time.
5. The best players are not afraid to hit with two strikes and understand the value of taking borderline pitches to increase their chances of doing damage.

6. Base running and defense are often lacking among players coming into college, and coaches need to emphasize the importance of these aspects of the game.

7. Mosiello encourages young coaches to prioritize their relationships with players and to love and serve them, rather than focusing solely on analytics and metrics.


• "The superstar players that I've coached, they're better people than they are players."

• "Everybody wants to be comfortable, but unless you become uncomfortable, there is no growth."

• "The transition from high school to college, they just have no idea."

• "The best players are not afraid to hit with two strikes."

• "Winning teams don't just find a position for a hitter, they find a position for a baseball player."

• "Love your players. That's more important than any great knowledge you have or any gadgets that you have as a coach."


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•  1:23  What Separates a Great Player from an Average Player Regardless of Physical Talent

•  4:57  Getting players ready for the big jump from high school to college

•  06:54  Learning as a coach in the professional game

11:38 People to look up to in terms of Hitting

13:55 Things that Bill believes in

•  19:25 Offensive philosophy 

•  21:14 Technology

•  23:13 Golden Age of College Ball

•  25:11 What lacks Among Players

•  27:32 Player Challenges

•  30:16 Things to look for in a Position Player

•  31:54 Biggest Influence as a coach 

•  34:29 Advice for Younger Coaches

•  40:40 Vision for Ohio State


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