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#1 Overlooked Part Of Coaching

Jan 12, 2023

The Human Element 

I am a curious person 


I like to ask questions and reflect on the answers given.

Every time I've been around an MLB hitter for a period of time either working with them or just talking hitting I've always asked...

 "Out of all the hitting coaches you've had on your journey to the big leagues, who have helped you the most and why?" 

The answers are so similar it's scary. 

"He told me I belong here" 

"He believed in me" 

"He said you can play in the big leagues" 

"He said you are good enough right now to play in the big leagues, you just have to believe in yourself"

Belief is a powerful tool. 

This past season I was a MiLB hitting coach in the Orioles organization. I was the hitting coach for the Low A affiliate, the Delmarva Shorebirds.

We had a great season offensively, setting the all-time Runs and HR records in a shortened season.

I won't be returning to the Orioles next season.

When I found out I reached out to several players to thank them for their hard work this past season. 

It was funny because out of all the time I spent watching video, going over scouting reports, or talking about hitting with them, nobody mentioned any of that. 

Some of the answers I got..

"Thank you for having that hard conversation with me when I was struggling" 

"Thank you for letting me know that I belong here" 

"Thank you for spending time with me and believing in me" 

Not a peep about understanding technology, analytics, practice design?!

What about all of those drills we did in the cage?! 

All that video we went over on the starting pitcher?! 

Nope. Nothing. 

If you want to help your player, letting them know you believe in them will help them perform at a higher level more than any drill you see on Twitter. 

The human element will ALWAYS be more impactful than any new piece of technology.

I hope you have a great weekend 

Thank you, 

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