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If you're a hitter who wants to improve your mental game, power, and consistency.

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"Patrick is one of the best hitting minds I've ever had the privilege of being around. He not only understands hitting but how each player is different and how to navigate their potential out of them. If you want to get better as a hitter, Patrick is your guy. I'll forever be a Patrick Jones fan!"

Cade Beloso

LSU Tigers

2023 National Champions

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Can’t figure out your swing?
We’ve dealt with 100s of players who have struggled with the same thing.

With our experience working with players and technology on-site, we’ll be able to identify the root cause and give you tools to improve them.

Mental Game

 Do you overthink at the plate?
 Inconsistent confidence? We  specialize in helping players with the mental game.

  Game Planning

Do you have a plan at the plate?
Do you constantly change your plan? 
We help players find the right plan that will increase their chances of success in the box.

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Our hitting facility is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Hit with us

An easy step-by-step process with Patrick Jones


The knowledge that I wish I had earlier in my career….

Hitters don’t solely get better by taking more swings in the cage. They need to have a plan! In this video series, I discuss drills they can do in the cage to help them become a better hitter IN THE GAME!


What you’ll learn from Patrick Jones Baseball


1. How to become a more confident hitter at the plate.

2. Mental Game techniques that will help you immediately

3. What should your approach be when you step into the box?

4. How to deal with failure.

5. Drills that will help you IMMEDIATELY

6. College Recruiting information


Confused. Overwhelmed. Anxious.


These are some of the words that describe how parents and players are feeling today.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Over the years of working with high-level baseball and softball hitters, I’ve realized that the best players keep things simple.


This is precisely what we do

Simple = Repeatable


How anyone can immediately improve their timing at the plate - The Perfect Timing Hitting Plan - where you can instantly improve your timing, with one simple change.

($500 value - from getting 50 hours back that you don’t have to spend researching, watching video, talking with coaches, or going to camps)

A. Hitting Training where I explain…
B. The secret to increasing your chances of being on time
C. The relationship between your approach and being on time
D. How to know when you’re not on time
E. On Deck Routine
F. What to watch for on video to see if you’re on time.


Do you ever say this to yourself?

❌ I am confused by coaches using big words on social media
❌ Should I be working on something different?
❌ Am I making things too complicated?
❌ How can I improve my mental game?
❌ How can I increase my confidence at the plate?
❌ What drills should I be doing?
❌ How can I get college coaches to recruit me?

If you said yes, then this is the program for you. 

✔️Hitting for Power

How Anyone can improve their power at the plate - Beastmode Hitting System will save you years of spending money going to clinics by teaching you how to improve your power that will translate to the game! 

($500 value for the money it’ll save you from not having to go to clinics again)

A. Hitting Training where I explain…
B. Drills you can do to tap into your power
C. A proper approach at the plate and, more importantly (How to find yours)
D. Confidence
E. Timing at the plate
F. How to use the ground when you are hitting
G. Holding the bat

✔️Mental Game

The Confidence Boost System - That will make your legs tired from all the times you’re running around the bases

($500 value, now that you won’t need to see a mental performance coach)

A. Hitting Training where I explain…
B. How to deal with failure
C. Learn to have a process-based approach every day
D. Preparation
E. Acceptance
F. A system you can follow so you don’t go crazy when you aren’t getting on base

✔️ Nutrition

How to eat so you have so much energy to play three games in a day and not get tired.

($500 value, improving your eating habits and saving you time on what to eat each day)

A. Hitting Training where I explain…
B. What foods to start away from
C. How much water you should be drinking every day
D. Eating during a game
E. Snack to maximize performance
F. Pre-Game Meal

✔️Strength Training

The Exit Velo program - Will have you hitting balls so hard the defense will immediately take a few steps back when they get up to the plate..

($200 value, now that you don’t need to buy a program online)

A. Hitting Training where I explain…
B. A Four-week lifting program
C. Videos for each lift so you know how to perform each exercise
D. Show you how to properly warm-up
E. Explain how many reps and sets you should be doing for each lift

✔️College Recruiting Service

I can tell you what NOT to do, and you will save money by working with me. 

A. What camps and showcases to go to
B. How to write and what to say in an email to a coach
C. What schools should you be looking at?
D. Make sure the school is a good fit.
E. Do you need a recruiting video?
F. The Recruiting Timeline 

Lastly, I personally pick up the phone and reach out to coaches.

If I don’t know the coach personally, I will find someone who does.

 ($2,000 value)

1 Hitting Session


1 hour

  • Mental Game Strategies
  • Confidence 
  • Movement Training
  • Approach
  • Game Planning  
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Silver Plan


4 sessions per month

  • Mental Game Strategies
  • Confidence 
  • Movement Training
  • Approach
  • Game Planning  
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Gold Plan


4 sessions per month

  • Mental Game Strategies
  • Confidence 
  • Movement Training
  • Approach
  • Hitting Plan
  • Strength Program
  • Nutrition Guidance 
  • Video Analysis
  • Custom Drill Calendar
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