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Balance In Hitting Is Everything

Jan 12, 2023

Move in Balance 

Leg Kick? 

  • Should you have a leg kick? 
  • Pick up your front foot and put it back down? 
  • Toe Tap? 

I think it's important for players to experiment with different stances and setups.

That said, because players are physically built differently, it's important not to force a movement too much. 

Here is an example. 

When I was in college, I wanted to hit for more power.

Alex Rodriguez was having a good season then, so I started to hit with a leg kick during the game.

Terrible idea for me. My timing was always off; I never felt comfortable in the box; I was trying to force a move. 

Whatever the player's movement is, they must be on time and land in a balanced position. 

Here are two examples of players with completely different strides toward the pitcher. 

Justin Turner has about as big of a leg lift as you can't get, but it helps him be on time. 

Kris Bryant has a simple move where he picks up his front foot, and puts it back down. 
The Morale of the story. 

Don't try to force movements that don't feel natural to you.

Only two things matter at the end of the day.
  • Were you on time?
  • Did you get your swing off from a balanced position? 

If you can answer yes to both of those, then whatever your forward move is, it's working. 
I'm starting to fill up my schedule this off-season with hitters. 

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