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Jan 12, 2023

This weekly newsletter is on hitting development and college recruiting.

This week will be on college recruiting. In this post, I will share with you several ways you can get recruited to play college baseball or softball.


This will save you time and money in the recruiting process and, most importantly, increase your chances of getting recruited.


Unfortunately, most players and families end up confused and unsure of where to go and what to do in the process—leaving them frustrated and wasting time and money.


Avoid targeting the wrong schools.

  • Evaluation

  • Exposure

  • Social Media

  • Connections


You won't make this mistake: I am going to give you three tips to make sure that won't happen below!


Step 1: Get an honest evaluation.


How can you expect to know what to do if you don't where you currently stand in the process? 

I would ask someone you TRUST what their evaluation is of you.

What level and programs do they see you being able to play at? 


There are people out there who, unfortunately, tell you want to hear, not what you need to.

Go to your coach, instructor, advisor, etc. 


Ideally, it's someone who has coached players who went on to play at various college levels.

This is will save you time and money in the process, so you aren't traveling around to places that wouldn't be a good fit for you. 


Everyone wants to play D1.

However, only 2% of high school baseball and softball players get that opportunity.


Step 2: You need to promote yourself more.


Most players and families sit back, play on a travel team, and expect the coaches to find them. Not a good plan.

Have you seen how many travel baseball teams there are?


It takes work to get recruited. 


An example that happens all the time is a player on a travel team puts up decent numbers, and at the end of the season, they are frustrated because they haven't heard a peep from any college coaches.


And to make matters worse, one of their friends just committed to play at their dream school!


With only three to four coaches per staff that can recruit at a time, outside of the top travel teams in the country, you're not going to find flocks of college coaches watching your game.


Start reaching out to college coaches at all levels. Don't limit yourself to only one level.

Set up a Twitter account and start following coaches and posting content regularly. 

Email them. You can find their email on the school's website.


Here is Ian Macdonald, a college coach at Indiana Wesleyan.


Step 3: Trusted Contacts


You may know someone who has connections inside the game.

College coaches rely on trusted contacts more than any other method.

As I mentioned above they can't be everywhere at once. They rely on people they trust, to recommend players for them to go watch. 

Find someone who is trusted by college coaches and is willing to speak on your behalf. 



After you're evaluated and have an idea of what level you would be a good fit for, you've done the work by emailing coaches, and NOW you have someone who is trusted by college coaches speaking on your behalf on what kind of player and person you, you're sitting in the driver's seat!


  1. Evaluation

  2. Promotion

  3. Trusted Contacts


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