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College Recruiting Tips

Jan 12, 2023

College Recruiting 

What are college coaches looking for when they're recruiting? 

Well, that's a loaded question because we first have to know what level the coach is at.

A Power 5 coach in the SEC is looking for something different than a D2 JUCO coach. 

Not to mention their timeless are different. 

The power 5 coach is looking at 2026, 2025, and some 2024 grads. 

After the power five schools grab the players they want, then the trickle-down effect happens.

D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO schools will still offer players into their senior year.

Sometimes even the summer after they graduate. 


So if you still haven't been recruited yet, don't panic. 


You may not be a D1 player if you're a 2023 grad, but most smaller schools are just starting to recruit 2023s.


I will share some quotes that coaches told me during the summer.


"We're looking for hitters who can get to 2nd base on their own. Not at the high school level, but the college level.”  - D1 Recruiting Coordinator 


"We want guys who can play up the middle.”  - D1 and D2 Recruiting Coordinator. 


If you are only a corner guy, that puts a ton of pressure on your bat; if you don't hit, how can you help the team? 


Lastly, it's important to be playing the game because you love the game.


If you're solely chasing offers, you won't stick around long once it starts to get hard at the next level. 

Any recruiting questions? 

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