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Develop a hitting routine

Mar 25, 2024


Guest: Mike Brown 

School: University of Utah 

Title: Recruiting Coordinator 

Episode Topics: 

  • Scouting high school and JUCO players 
  • The Hitting Philosophy @ Utah 
  • Importance of a player's personality in the recruiting process 



Hitting is messy. 

So many things can happen in the game outside of our control. 

That’s why a routine is so important. 

A routine is important for several reasons. 

  1. Decreases the number of decisions you have to make
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety 
  3. Improves focus
  4. Self-discipline
  5. Habits 

Here was Michael Jordan’s routine:

The greatest player of all time, obsessed with his routine.

 Success leaves clues. 

Let’s talk about how we can help hitters develop their routines 


Before we start, I think this is important to note. 

Whatever your hitter’s routine is, they need to be able to do it daily.

  1.  Pre-game routine 

A hitter’s pre-game routine should enhance 2 things. 

  1. Mental Preparation 
  2. Physical preparation 

Mental Preparation 

We want to enhance focus, decrease stress and anxiety, and transition into a competitive mindset. 

Here are several examples of what I’ve seen that look like from hitters. 

  • Watch personal highlight reel
  • Read the Bible 
  • Journal 
  • Meditation 
  • Listen to music 
  • Tee routine
  • Visualization 
  • Self Talk 

This is going to be very individualized as not everyone is religious, into meditation, or likes to hit off of the tee. 

These are options for you to give your hitters based on their personalities and interests. 

Physical Preparation 


Instead of swinging to warm up, we should warm up to swing. 

Here are a few examples of exercises you could program into your hitter's pre-game routine. 

Again, the most important thing is, it needs to be able to be something they can do daily. 

Not just when they have a pitching machine available, or only when there’s on-field BP. 

Here are 2 examples of a pre-game routine to help get a hitter's body prepped for the game. 


Waterbage slapshot 


This helps fire up the core and teaches hitters to decelerate (stop) their body.


  1. Grab the bag with both handles 
  2. Get into a hitting stance 
  3. Arms go straight back like you’re doing a medicine ball scoop toss 
  4. Stop the bag right outside your front foot. 


1 leg side plank 

For a hitter to do this, it requires a good amount of hip and core stability. 

It’s great to do before they start hitting because it fires up their inner thighs, core, and shoulders. 



Alright, now we have done the physical and mental pre-game routine. 

Let's talk about the pre-ab routine

The pre-ab routine starts well before the hitter steps into the box. 

We’re going to start with when the hitter is in the hole and begins to put on his or her batting gloves and helmet. 

This is how it should go, in my opinion. 

Of course, nobody has to do this if they don’t want to and I’ll be the first to admit successful hitters don’t all do this. 

But I’ve seen this help hitters.  

I’d recommend the hitter put their helmet and batting gloves on the same way every time. 

‘Put right batting glove on, then left, tighten the right batting glove, and hear the velcro. Then with the right hand tighten the left batting glove and hear the velcro.’’ 

Why should it be this detailed? 

Because we’re teaching them to be present in the moment. 

That’s what we want as coaches more than anything else, for our hitters to be present in the moment in the box. 

You have to practice it. 

That’s why we’re having them be so detail-oriented. 

Once they get to the on-deck circle, depending on how much time they have they may stretch out time up the pitcher, or take a few seconds and remind themselves a few keys to be successful. 

Here is a card that Jake Fraley of the Reds uses as a reminder of what he wants to do when he steps into the box. He’ll look at it as he’s on the on-deck circle as a reminder. 

Other players might take a few seconds and talk to themselves or say a quick prayer.

Aggressive mind, relaxed body. 

That’s one thing I have been preaching to the hitters I’ve been working with lately. 

Here’s J.D. Martinez taking a deep breath and placing a big emphasis on realizing his shoulders before he steps into the box. 

Post-game routine

After each game, I think it is beneficial for hitters to reflect on whether or not they had a process mindset during their ABs, did they stick to their plan? and anything else they noteworthy that happened. 

Write it down, as it could be beneficial down the road. 

I hope that gave you some ideas on how to help your players develop a routine. 


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