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How I Became A Better Coach

Jan 12, 2023

Health and Coaching 

When I first got done playing and got into coaching, I thought to myself, this is awesome. 

I spent my entire life pushing my body to the limit so I could perform at a high level on the field. 

Now, I thought I don’t have too anymore. I can eat whatever I want and  focus on what I love doing, coaching. 

That is exactly what I did for a few years. 

However, one weekend I went to a coaches’ conference at a college.

They had a weight scale there and as I was walking out the door, I thought why not hop on. 
I couldn’t believe what I saw. 
(For reference I am now 200 lbs.) 
I was embarrassed. I immediately left the conference and went back to the hotel to work out! (Not Kidding)

How did this happen? How could I let it get this bad?

I was focusing on trying to help everyone around me, and not focusing on myself. 
The last few years I have completely changed the way I view my health. 

  • The food I eat gives me energy to work longer and stay focused 
  • Lifting helps decrease anxiety and stress. 
  • Sleep helps me recover 

I realized you must take care of yourself in order to take care of others. 
Now, I feel better about myself. 
I am a better coach because of those changes. 

This email is not to try to get you to make changes.

I wanted to share this because this change made be a better coach.
- PJ