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I Teach HITTERS To Become Their Own Hitting Coach

Jan 12, 2023

The Job of a Hitting Coach

‘You hire me to one day fire me’


I told that to a pro client one time. Maybe not the best business move, but it was the truth.

I want every hitter I work with to know themselves so well, that they surpass me and become their own hitting coach. 


Why do I believe this? 


Two Reasons. 

  1. How many different coaches are players going to have over the course of their career? 






Do you think that all of these coaches teach the same thing? No way. 


If you don’t know who yourself as a hitter, you’re going to be fine...until you start to struggle. 


Which happens to literally every single hitter that’s ever played this game. 


The second you start to struggle you will look for help, and will be susceptible to making any change your coach gives you. 


Now if you know who you are as a hitter, you have a foundation you can go back to. You won’t be looking around for help the second things aren’t going your way. 


This means that you won’t be stuck struggling for a long  period. 


Instead of going 0-12 maybe you go 3-12. 


That’s a big difference over time. 


Now for the second reason…

  1. Performance. 

  • Self Awareness - what do I need to do to get myself ready for the game? 

  • Approach - What should my plan be in the box? 

  • Movement - What do I need to do to get my body ready for play?

  • Mental Game - How can I be present during my ABs. 


All of these things listed above don’t magically happen. If you don’t know who you are as a person and baseball player, it becomes very hard to put a plan in place to be a high performer.