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The Transfer Portal (How it affects College Baseball Recruiting)

Jan 10, 2023

"It's the Wild West out here, Patrick.” 


That's what a D1 recruiting coordinator told me not that long ago. 


"It used to be a gentleman's handshake, that you don't talk to my guy, and I don't talk to yours.” 


Unfortunately, the transfer portal is here to stay, leading to schools recruiting much differently. 


Here's the thing, I can't blame them.  


"Our high school recruiting classes will get smaller because of the portal. Why would we take a risk on a high school kid when we can go into the portal and take a player who already has D1 experience?" 


You have to look at it from a coach’s perspective, and it all makes sense. 


These guys are hired and fired based on wins and losses.


If they don't think you're going to help them win games, they're not interested; it’s not personal. 


It's how they feed their families. 


So how does the transfer portal affect you?


A good friend of mine told me lately... 


"We're going to find out who loves playing baseball.”


Kids who may have the ability to play D1 might have to end up going to a D2 or JUCO to play college baseball. 


This would weed out all kids with a D1 or bust mentality. 


So now you have to answer the question, why are you playing baseball? 


Why do you want to continue playing baseball? 


Is it because you love playing baseball?


Or is it solely for the title that you're a D1 Baseball Player? 


I'm not saying you shouldn't want to play D1 baseball; I’m just saying that statistically, very few players are D1 players, don't let social media fool you into thinking it’s everyone. 


Play where you're wanted. 

  • Go to D2 camps and D3 camps. 
  • Email coaches, 
  • DM Coaches. 
  • Post videos on social media 


It shows that you believe in your ability to play college baseball and that you're hungry.

You'll attract the coaches who are interested in you. 

Don't expect them to come to you; you must put yourself out there and go to them. 

This doesn't mean you must go to every camp or showcase. 

Thousands of dollars are wasted because player go to showcases, camps, and tournaments they don't need to attend.

Be calculated on what schools you target. 


I hope that helped,



If you need any help in the recruiting process, please email me.  [email protected].