5 Lifts Every Hitter Should Be Doing | Cory Ritter

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In this podcast episode, Corey Ritter, a guest with eight years of experience in professional baseball as a strength and conditioning coach and sports science coordinator for the Dodgers, discusses various aspects of player development. The conversation covers topics such as the importance of a global perspective in training, the need for continuous improvement, the role of workload management, and the integration of strength and hitting programs. Ritter emphasizes the significance of assessing athletes over an extended period to tailor training programs effectively. He also touches on the challenges and benefits of implementing motor preference assessments in player development. Throughout the discussion, Ritter highlights the interconnection between strength conditioning and on-field performance, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to player development


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[1:48] A Journey from the Majors to the Private Sector

[4:27] Training Insights on Baseball Athlete Workouts

[6:10] Essential Workouts for Baseball Success

[08:53] Navigating the Science Behind Hitter Training

[10:49] Workload Management

[15:00] The Art of Player Evaluation in Sports Training

[20:05] Understanding the Complex World of Motor Preferences in Athlete Training

[23:32] Bridging the Gap Between Weight Room and Field Performance

[25:23] Strengthening the Hitter's Foundation for a Solid Swing

[28:24] Crafting Time-Effective Baseball Workouts

[33:51] The Significance of Grip Strength in Baseball Performance

[36:08] Diverse Approaches to Generating Hitting Power in Baseball

[37:21] The Role of Plyometrics for Young Baseball Players

[38:48] Movement Mastery in the Strength Side

[41:32] Recovery Revelations

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