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In this podcast, Dr. Laby discusses sports vision, its accidental entry during his UCLA fellowship, and the sports vision pyramid. He emphasizes starting from the base and individualized care in training. Dr. Laby addresses improving vision from 20/20 to 20/15 or better. He emphasizes the importance of personalized evaluations, and recommending contacts or glasses for focus improvement. He also highlights the complexity of achieving optimal vision, involving considerations of the eye's focus, retina, and brain function. He suggests a careful refraction process to find the right lens and advocates for athletes to seek specialized attention for enhanced performance. Dr. Laby also mentions the significance of the on-deck circle for hitters, emphasizing the need for predictive skills and knowledge about pitch types. The conversation covers various aspects of vision training, including specific drills, the "Quiet Eye" concept, and emerging technologies like VR systems. He also discusses the potential advancements in vision research and technology, mentioning the role of systems like Reflection Go and synaptic glasses in enhancing visual skills for athletes.


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[01:59] Getting into Sports Vision with Dr. Daniel Laby

[03:46] Building the Sports Vision Pyramid

[07:10] Tailoring Sports Vision Training to Individual Needs

[08:52] Strategies for Self-Improvement in Sports Vision

[11:09] Anecdotes, Insights, and the Truth about 20/20 Vision

[14:55] Mastering Predictions for Batting Success

[18:05] The Real Score on LASIK Surgery for Baseball Players

[23:21] Strategies for Perfecting Your Eyesight

[25:18] 20/20 to 20/15 Vision for Players

[27:23] The Art and Science of Hitting - From On-Deck Insights to Predictive Vision at the Plate

[30:14] The Quiet Eye Guide in Baseball

[32:18] Navigating Advances in Vision Tech - From LASIK Hopes to the Next Decade's Insights

[35:07] A Guide to Vision Training from Reflection Go App to Synaptic Glasses

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