Vision Training with Dr. Lauren Bailey

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Dr. Lauren Bailey is joining us today, a leading sports vision expert. In this episode, we'll uncover the process behind honing your visual prowess on the field, gaining insights into how top athletes enhance their performance through cutting-edge vision techniques.


Dr. Lauren Bailey 

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 [1:44] Can we take good vision and make it great?

• [3:20] Vision Assessment

• [8:14] Taking Care of Your Eyesight

• [13:08] Thoughts on Fixation - Soft Focus and Pivot Point

• [19:40] Importance of decreasing anxiety in the box

• [21:39] Lateral Eye Movement

• [26:36] Visualization

• [31:24] Helping Pitchers with vision

• [38:05] Eyewear in Vision Training

• [42:54] 3V Program

• [46:37] Closing Summary