From High School Setback to D1 Head Coach | Jake Sabol

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Jake Sabol is the head baseball coach at Central Michigan University. He has a background in playing college and professional baseball, and he brings his experience and passion for the game to his coaching role.


Jake Sabol, head baseball coach at Central Michigan University, discusses various aspects of college baseball and coaching. He talks about roster management in the fall, the importance of fall ball for incoming freshmen, and the changes he has implemented in his first year as head coach. He also shares his personal journey from being cut from his high school team to playing college and professional baseball, and how that experience shaped his coaching philosophy.


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Key Takeaways

1. Roster sizes in the fall can vary depending on Title IX regulations and the number of female athletes in other sports.

2. Fall ball is crucial for incoming freshmen to prove themselves and earn a spot on the team.

3. In dividualized coaching and player development are essential for success in college baseball.

4. Sabol emphasizes the importance of creating a positive and supportive team environment.

5. He believes in adapting coaching methods and staying up-to-date with industry trends.


  • "The fall is the best chance for you to come in and prove yourself and prove why you should be making an impact for our program right away."

  • "I want our guys excited about coming to the field every single day and working their tails off."

  • "I think we can't just treat everyone as a starter or everyone as a reliever... You have to individualize guys based on who they are and what their body profile is."

  • "You have to be willing to change and adapt at what's working in the game, in the industry."


[0:48] Understanding College Division I Sports Roster Rules from Fall to Spring

[3:50] Evaluating How Important Fall Ball Is for College Freshmen

[06:43] New Coaching Approaches in First Year as Head Coach

[09:30] Coaching Methods and Unique Approaches

[12:53] Jake’s Journey From High School Cut to College Pitcher and Draft

[21:47] Learning and Growth to Master the Breaking Ball

[24:10] Believing in the Next Level of Pitching

[26:50] The Player-Coach Transition

[31:03] Challenges and Adaptations in Coaching College Pitching

[34:28] Understanding Individualized Program

[36:37] Factors and Insights on Starter-Reliever

[38:51] Recognizing the Pitch Tipping

[41:17] Scheduling Strategies in College Baseball

[43:54] What Makes Central Michigan Stand Out for Recruits

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