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Joe Tourville

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Joe Tourville is a writer and works at Blast Motion. He has extensive experience in the amateur baseball space, particularly with Prep Baseball Report (PBR), where he helps with data collection and analysis using Blast Motion technology.


In this episode, Patrick Jones interviews Joe Tourville from Blast Motion. They discuss the importance of Blast Motion metrics in evaluating and improving a player's performance. They also touch on the role of bat speed, rotational acceleration, and early connection in a player's swing. Joe emphasizes the need for a well-rounded approach to training, including focusing on bat speed, approach, and preparation. He also shares case studies where Blast Motion metrics helped identify issues such as eyesight problems affecting a player's performance.


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Key Takeaways:

1. Bat speed is a crucial metric for success in hitting, both in the short term and long term.

2. Rotational acceleration, or how quickly a player can get into their bat speed, is a differentiating factor at higher levels of play.

3. Early connection, or the angle of the bat at the start of the downswing, can indicate a repeatable swing and on-plane efficiency.

4. Blast Motion is a valuable tool for coaches and players to quantify and monitor their swing metrics.

5. Other factors such as approach, preparation, and physical fitness also play a significant role in a player's performance.


 • "The best players tend to have the same metrics in practice, showcase, and in game."



3:12 Joe’s current role with Blast Motion

06:08 Importance of Blast Motion

07:22 The most important metric when it comes to evaluating a player

12:54 Talking about Early Connection and other Metrics

15:16 Best way to utilize blast motion to help in-game performance

17:18 The Most Convincing thing about Bat Speed

20:07 Increasing bat speed

25:52 Effects of Contact Points

26:26 Is there such a thing as too much bat speed?

31:13 Working with Other Hitters

34:22 Using Blast Motion with other technology

35:32 Inserting the Blast Sensor in Bats

37:24 Other Metrics that Joe Personally Like



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