How to develop faster baseball & softball players | Mike Cunliffe

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In this podcast episode, Patrick Jones interviews Mike Cunliffe, head coach of the Seattle Speed Track Club, about enhancing athlete speed. Cunliffe emphasizes the role of biomechanics, power-to-weight ratio, and proper recovery in improving performance. He discusses the importance of deadlifts, managing central nervous system fatigue, and specific training for base running in baseball. Cunliffe shares his coaching background, the impact of structural issues on performance, and the significance of cellular optimization for recovery. He offers practical advice for coaches with limited resources, including plyometric exercises and intelligent training management.



[01:45] Max Velocity Mastery and Unlocking Athletic Potential in Baseball

[14:08] Strategies for Endurance and Sprint Performance

[15:46] Cutting-Edge Recovery Techniques

[18:48] In-Season Training

[26:22] Power-to-Weight Ratio

[28:07] Biomechanics and Acceleration

[31:34] Training Schedule and Neural Stress

[35:36] Mike Cunliffe's Background in Track and Field Coaching

[39:03] Biomechanics for Base Running

[43:29] Sprinting Prime and Training Methodologies

[45:54] Biomechanics and Force Application in Running

[48:41] Body Realignment and Injury Management

[52:58] Recovery and Cellular Optimization

[56:41] Weight Room Protocols for High School Coaches

[01:08:54] Plyometric and Speed Training for Baseball Players

[01:12:55] Biomechanics of Sprinting

[01:16:57] Analyzing Mike Trout's Running Technique

[01:23:36] Contacting Coach Mike Cunliffe

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