The Pros and Cons of Bat Speed Training

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In this episode, Patrick Jones discusses the importance of bat speed in hitting development. He explores the different perspectives on bat speed, the definition and measurement of bat speed, and the factors that impact bat speed. Jones also delves into the role of grip, timing, muscle strength, on-deck routines, and overload/underload training in improving bat speed. He emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to bat speed training and highlights the importance of functional strength and overall hitting skills.


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Key Takeaways

1. Bat speed is important in hitting development, but it is not the sole determinant of a player's success.

2. Factors such as grip, timing, muscle strength, and on-deck routines can impact bat speed.

3. Overload/underload training can be effective in improving bat speed, but it should be supplemented with other training methods.

4. Younger players may not benefit as much from overload/underload training due to their lack of functional strength.

5. A balanced approach to bat speed training, focusing on overall hitting skills, is crucial for optimal development.


  • Bat speed is important, but it's not going to necessarily make you a better hitter." 

  • "You can't be swinging a wet newspaper and expect to hit 98." 

  • "Functional strength is important before starting overload/underload training." 


[1:12] What is Bat Speed and How to Measure it

[2:42] Understanding the Simple Formula Behind Angular Speed Measurement

[4:21] Factors Influencing Bat Speed

[09:06] Understanding the Relationship Between Muscle Thickness and Bat Speed

[11:23] Optimizing On-Deck Performance

[14:23] The Importance of Enhancing Bat Speed

[20:30] Striking the Perfect Balance on Bat Speed




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