Rob Fournier discusses building a winning culture in college baseball

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Rob Fournier is a highly successful baseball coach who has spent many years coaching at both the junior college and now Division I level. He was the head coach at Wabash Valley, one of the top junior college baseball programs in the country, for 26 years before making the jump to coach at Western Kentucky University. Fournier has a proven track record of turning around struggling teams and building winning programs.
Rob Fournier, former head coach at Wabash Valley and current coach at Western Kentucky University, discusses his decision to leave a successful junior college program and make the jump to coaching at the Division I level. He shares his approach to building a winning culture and getting the most out of his players. Fournier also talks about his recruiting strategies and how he finds talented players who may have been overlooked by other programs. He emphasizes the importance of developing relationships with players and coaches, as well as the value of being open-minded and constantly learning from others. Fournier also discusses his coaching style and the importance of holding players accountable. He shares insights into his practice structure and how he organizes his time to maximize player development. Fournier also discusses the use of technology in coaching and the benefits of video analysis. Overall, Fournier provides valuable insights into what it takes to be a successful baseball coach at both the junior college and Division One levels.
Key Takeaways:
Building a winning culture is crucial for success in any program.
Finding talented players who may have been overlooked by other programs is a key recruiting strategy.
Developing relationships with players and coaches is essential for building trust and getting the most out of players.
Being open-minded and constantly learning from others is important for personal and professional growth as a coach.
Organizing practice time effectively and holding players accountable are key to maximizing player development.
"If I was ever going to make that jump, then everything added up and I was like, why not?" - Rob Fournier
"We're always trying to get the most talented player, but let's be real honest here, the talented players that we always wanted, the same players that LSU is trying to get." - Rob Fournier
"It's about developing relationships with the players, with coaches, with scouts, and then trusting ultimately your eyes and trusting your gut." - Rob Fournier
"We want our guys to be good all-round hitters. It's not just one way, there's many ways to get our players better." - Rob Fournier
"Practice is coaches time, and game time is showtime for players." - Rob Fournier


Rob Fournier

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0:00:37 Rob left Wabash Valley to coach at Division I level

0:01:50 The move to Western Kentucky was the right fit

0:02:52 The secret to success is building a strong foundation

0:04:39 Culture is instilled by getting the right players

0:05:45 Finding diamonds in the rough requires expanding recruiting efforts

0:07:32 Stories of players who exceeded expectations

0:09:30 Selling point for Wabash Valley was focus on development

0:10:51 Facilities were not a factor, emphasis on school and baseball

0:12:17 Typical day in the fall at Wabash Valley

0:12:54 Junior college vs Division I coaching differences.

0:13:51 Coaching is about developing people and relationships.

0:14:57 Utilizing technology and player development in coaching.

0:15:41 Emphasis on offense and being a well-rounded hitter.

0:16:33 Combining old school and new school coaching methods.

0:17:18 Developing trust with players through observation and communication.

0:18:01 Game planning and adjusting based on pitcher and game situations.

0:19:34 The competition level in the conference and expectations.

0:20:20 Learning and growing as a coach by observing other sports.

0:22:07 Organizing practice to maximize time and development.

0:26:04 Practice drills and bringing energy to practice

0:26:23 Batting practice includes machine work, angle BP, and candy BP

0:27:35 Importance of having an open mind and listening to coaching staff

0:28:14 Utilizing video and technology to improve coaching

0:29:36 Emphasizing the importance of timing in all aspects of the game

0:30:04 Watching practice videos to identify areas for improvement

0:30:33 Video accountability for coaches and players

0:31:05 Holding players accountable for their actions and body language

0:31:28 Using video to analyze player behavior and make improvements