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In this podcast, Tyler Packanik from Jacksonville State University discusses the complexities of college baseball recruiting. They explore topics such as regional recruitment strategies, the balance between high school and junior college recruits, and adapting to changes like the transfer portal. Tyler emphasizes the significance of athleticism and baseball IQ in player evaluation, particularly for infielders, and shares insights on assessing speed and base running ability. They also address challenges in evaluating players based on showcase metrics versus in-game performance and stress the importance of video analysis in scouting.


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[03:21] Developing a Diverse Recruiting Strategy in College Baseball

[10:21] Infield Evaluation in Baseball Recruiting

[12:01] Assessing Infield Movement in Recruitment

[15:13] The Role of Home to First Time in Baseball Recruiting

[17:14] Understanding Showcase Pop Times

[19:03] The Overlooked Art of Base Running in High School Player Scouting

[20:58] Navigating the Pitfalls of Recruiting Advice

[26:59] Understanding Why Coaches Go Silent in Recruiting

[28:36] The Significance of Coaches Following Players on Twitter

[31:22] Inside Jacksonville State's Game Day Routine

[34:55] Evaluating Season Performance and Learning from Setbacks

[38:05] Managing Defensive Alignment and Base Coaching Strategies

[39:11] Why Choose Jacksonville State Baseball

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