The Importance of Fixation in Hitting and Left-Handed Hitters

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Alan Jaeger is a mental skills coach who specializes in working with athletes in baseball and softball. He has worked with players at all levels, from youth to professional, and is known for his expertise in meditation and mental wellness in sports.


In this episode, Alan Jaeger discusses the importance of meditation and mental practice in baseball and softball. He emphasizes that there is no age limit for starting these practices and believes that introducing basic concepts at a young age can have a transformative impact on players' lives. He also highlights the need for mental preparation and skill development in addition to talking about the mental game. Alan and Patrick delve into the concept of fixation and its role in hitting, particularly for left-handed hitters. They discuss the challenges faced by left-handed hitters and the need for them to work on the fixation principle to improve their performance. They also touch on the influence of data and technology in the game and the importance of focusing on the mental side of the game as a differentiating factor.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Meditation and mental practice can benefit players of all ages, and introducing these concepts at a young age can have a transformative impact on their lives.
  2. The mental game is just as important as the physical game, and players need to prioritize mental preparation and skill development.
  3. Fixation, or the ability to stay focused on the ball for a longer period of time, is crucial for hitting success, especially for left-handed hitters.
  4. Left-handed hitters often struggle due to a lack of exposure to left-handed pitchers during their formative years, and they need to work on breaking old habits and developing new skills.
  5. The fixation principle can be trained and improved through drills and practice, and it can lead to better performance against left-handed pitchers.


  • "The world is starving for meditation, mental practice, mental health, mental wellness."
  • "The mental game and mental preparation ultimately lead to skill development."
  • "Left-handed hitters need to work on the fixation principle to improve their performance against left-handed pitchers."
  • "The fixation principle is about staying on something longer and not being anxious or rushing."
  • "Success leaves clues, and the best hitters talk about hitting to the opposite field."


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• [0:58] Young Players on Meditation 


• [3:24] Something to Improve Upon


• [6:55] Vision 


• [12:20] The Fixation Principle 


• [16:24] Struggles of Left handed hitters through the years 


• [29:22] Working with Left-handed hitters who struggle


• [32:54] Success Leaves Clues 


• [35:47] Earning The Opposite Field 


• [39:00] Building Good Mental Skills 


• [42:48] Softball 


• [47:07] The Importance of Approach