Mental Game Strategies for Hitters | Andy Barkett

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Andy Barkett is a former professional baseball player and coach. He has coached at various levels of the game, including the big leagues, college, and the minor leagues. With a passion for the mental side of the game, Barkett has developed a mental skills program called COre, which focuses on helping athletes develop a championship mindset, own their process, maintain a relentless desire, and approach the game with enthusiasm..


Andy Barkett, a former professional baseball player and coach, discusses the importance of the mental side of the game and how it is often overlooked in baseball coaching. He emphasizes the need for players to develop mental techniques just as they practice physical techniques. Barkett shares his experience as a hitting coordinator and how he developed a mental skills program called COre to address the challenges of the mental game. He also highlights the impact of technology in the game and the need for players to trust their routines and training. Barkett discusses the role of anticipation in hitting and the importance of game planning and understanding pitch characteristics. He also touches on the concept of pitchers tipping their pitches and the mental warfare in baseball.


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Key Takeaways

1. The mental game is often overlooked in baseball coaching, but it is crucial for players to develop mental techniques alongside physical techniques.

2. Trusting routines and training is essential for success in the game, as self-doubt can hinder performance.

3. Anticipation is a key aspect of hitting, and players need to be on the hunt for pitches rather than reacting to them.

4. Game planning and understanding pitch characteristics can give hitters a competitive advantage.

5. Pitchers often tip their pitches, and studying their movements and habits can help hitters gain an edge.


  • "If your mental game is crappy, then you're going to have a hard time executing anything that you work on."
  • "You have to practice mental techniques just as you practice physical techniques."

  • "Trusting your routines and trusting your training helps eliminate self-doubt."

  • "Your greatest gift as a hitter is the ability to anticipate."


[1:43] Mastering the Mental Game in Baseball 

[9:09] Building Mental Resilience in Pro Players 

[15:07] Transformative Drills and Routines for Player Success 

[24:22] Balancing Practice and Play in Hitting Routines

[29:45] Insights on Vision Training 

[32:04] Growth Journeys and Coaching Reflections 

[33:39]  Game Planning 

[37:35] Anticipation and Facing the Unexpected 

[40:29] Pitcher's Tipping and Strategic Advantage 

[43:26] The Frequency of Pitchers Tipping Pitches 

[44:08] Understanding Tipping Tactics 

[48:30]  Moving from the Big Leagues to College Game

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