The Recruiting Process for High School Baseball Players
- Jordan Chiero

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Jordan Chiero is the scouting director for Prep Baseball Report, Ohio, and the hitting coordinator for the Bill Jackson Dome in Columbus, Ohio. With nine years of experience in scouting and player evaluation, Jordan is a trusted resource for college coaches in Ohio.


In this episode, Patrick Jones interviews Jordan Chiero, the scouting director for Prep Baseball Report, Ohio. They discuss the evaluation process for pitchers and hitters, the value of left-handed hitters, and the timeline for college recruiting. Jordan shares insights into what college coaches look for in players and offers advice for players navigating the recruiting process.


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Key Takeaways

1. College coaches value high-ceiling, low-risk pitchers who can throw strikes and command the ball effectively.

2. Left-handed hitters are highly sought after due to their proximity to first base and the advantage they have against right-handed pitchers.

3. Corner players are typically the last to be recruited because they have less impact defensively and power is harder to project at the next level.

4. When receiving a phone call from a coach, it indicates initial interest, but players should not expect an immediate offer.

5. Choosing the right college involves considering personal values and priorities, such as playing time, development plans, and team culture.


  • College coaches want to create a relationship at the beginning with players that they potentially can see themselves recruiting.

  • Left-handed hitters are gold, man, because one, as simplistic as this is, they're closer to first base, so they're going to get down the line better. 

  • If you're a target recruit and they want you, typically it's going to be pretty obvious on your end.



[4:39] The Impact of Transfer Portal

[09:38]  Pitcher Evaluation Process

[24:45] Left-Handed Hitters 

[27:18] The Role of Corner Players

[30:26] Interactions with College Coaches

[32:43] Understanding Coaches' Actions and Commitment Promises

[34:33] Understanding Your Values and Priorities in the Recruiting Process

[37:26] The College Recruiting Timeline

[41:59] Insights on Player Position Value, Coaching Strategies, and the Transfer Portal Game

[43:56] Baseball Recruitment Insights on Showcases, Scout Days, and Top Prospect Games

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