Pitch Design | How To Develop Better Pitches w/ Jared Gaynor

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In this podcast episode, Patrick Jones and Jared Gaynor delve into the intricacies of pitch development and design. Jared emphasizes mastering the fastball before introducing offspeed pitches to young pitchers, suggesting a focus on the four-seam fastball. He advocates for teaching sliders before curveballs due to their higher velocity and easier command. The discussion also covers pitch movement profiles—north-south, east-west, and combo—and the importance of spin rate. Jared introduces his course "Pitch Design U," aimed at providing coaches and players with actionable insights into pitch movement, grips, and analytics. The episode highlights a strategic, data-driven approach to pitching.

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[04:21] At what age should kids throw curveballs?

[09:44] Slider vs. Curveball

[13:24] Movement plots

[16:40] Understanding pitch movement

[17:30] Pitch Profiles

[23:08] Understanding Spin and Movement

[30:08] Spin Rate

[32:16] Advice for hitters

[33:38] Pitching at different levels

[34:22] Data for off-speed pitches

[37:41] Pitch Design Course

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