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In this podcast episode, Mike Brumley, a seasoned baseball coach, shares his expertise on player development and coaching strategies. He discusses the mental and strategic aspects of hitting, the importance of adaptability in coaching, and the use of analytics in game planning. Brumley emphasizes the value of understanding biomechanics, comparing baseball hitting to golf swings, and challenges traditional teachings on hip rotation. He also introduces training aids for self-teaching, highlighting their effectiveness in improving swings and mechanics. His insights reflect a commitment to empowering athletes through innovative methods and a deep understanding of the game's physical and psychological demands.

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[01:23] Differences in coaching levels

[07:27] Defining success as a hitter

[09:25] Grading at-bats

[16:33] Game planning at different levels

[19:55] Using analytics to game plan

[31:08] Contrarian view on hitting mechanics

[33:28] Rotation from the back

[41:39] Separation and leverage

[49:14] Exit velocity and launch angle

[53:45] Evaluating Hitting Techniques

[57:37] In-game Preparation and Approach

[01:04:12] Non-verbal Teaching Techniques

[01:06:55] Self-teaching tools for young athletes

[01:11:33] Understanding body leverage in hitting

[01:15:54] Effective use of training tools

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