Private Sector vs. Pro Ball | Future of Technology in Baseball | Jared Gaynor

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Jared Gaynor is a former professional baseball player and pitching coach. He has worked in the private sector as a pitching coach and runs the popular Twitter account Pitching Coach U, where he shares insights and tips on pitching mechanics and development. Jared has built a strong online presence and has gained a large following in a short period of time.


Jared Gaynor shares his journey from professional baseball to the private sector as a pitching coach. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and building relationships with players and organizations. Jared debunks common myths in pitching development and highlights the significance of training both velocity and command. He also discusses the role of technology in evaluating and improving pitching mechanics.


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Key Takeaways

1. Consistency is key to building an online brand or platform.

2. Building relationships and having mentors are crucial for success in the private sector.

3. Training velocity and command can be developed simultaneously.

4. Good mechanics do not guarantee better command, but consistency within a pitcher's delivery can lead to more strikes.

5. Technology provides valuable data for evaluating and improving pitching mechanics.


  • "Consistency every single day...trial and error...figure out what people actually care about." 

  • "Be consistent. Obviously, you got to be learning and growing. If you're not posting good stuff, no one's going to follow you." 

  • "Having the right people in your corner and having mentors...consistency and mentors are two of the biggest things.''

  • "People just tell you what you want to hear...that doesn't actually help the person." 

  • "Training velocity and stuff versus training can train both of those things at the same time."


[1:54] Navigating the Transition from Pro Ball to the Private Sector

[3:00] Maximizing the Impact for Private Sector vs. Team Setting in Pro Ball

[5:07] Player Development in Pro Ball and the Private Sector

[08:11] Coaches' Perspectives on Players Using Private Facilities

[09:49] Evolving as a Coach from Rookie Year to Seasoned Pro

[11:30] When to Step In and Adjust the Coaching Approach

[12:28] Balancing Guidance and Independence in Coaching Younger Players

[13:44] Debunks common myths in pitching development

[19:20] Movement Quality in Pitching Mechanics

[22:42] Own personal philosophies when it comes to pitching and hitting

[27:40] The Impact of Technology in Pitching Analysis

[32:24] A Success Story of Transforming Pitching Mechanics

[36:22] Insights on Pitching to Different Hitters

[40:42] A Future of Pitching Development in Technological Evolution

[49:20] Advice in Building Online Brand

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