"I went from throwing 78 mph - 91 mph in 18 months" | Josh Gessner

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On this episode of Patrick Jones Baseball, Josh Gessner, a right-handed pitcher in the Texas Rangers organization, shares his journey from Australia and Japan to professional baseball, discussing overcoming challenges like the yips and increasing pitching velocity through training methods. Gessner advises aspiring players to know themselves and consider their development needs, emphasizing the value of education alongside athletic pursuits. They highlight personal struggles and coping mechanisms, stressing the mental aspect of overcoming fear and judgment, and discuss simplifying the pitching process and building supportive relationships with coaches. Additionally, Gessner talks about his venture into social media writing and podcasting, aiming to share his learning experiences to help others, with a focus on mental resilience, growth, and knowledge-sharing to support individuals facing similar challenges.


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[01:35] Josh Gessner’s Journey from Roots to Success

[06:39] 80 to 90 MPH through DriveLine

[09:10] Gessner’s Recruitment Journey in College Baseball

[16:45] Advice for Young Players Choosing Between College and Professional Baseball

[19:12] College Scholarships and Degrees in Pro Baseball

[21:32] Reflections on Early Professional Baseball

[24:11] Overcoming the Yips

[29:19] Managing Persistent Challenges

[31:43] Keys to Pitching Success

[34:29] Insights from Training Facilities

[35:43] The Value of Coaching Relationships in Training Facilities

[37:38] A Dive into Writing and Social Media

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