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In this podcast episode, Sean Stevens shares his remarkable journey from starting college baseball at 28 to becoming a successful coach at Middle Georgia State University, emphasizing perseverance and dedication despite challenges. He discusses the recruiting process, stressing the importance of building relationships with players and identifying talent both online and through personal interactions. Stevens also highlights the significance of summer collegiate baseball in player development, advocating for players to seize opportunities to showcase their skills and improve draft prospects. Additionally, the conversation delves into the process of selecting players for a summer baseball team, emphasizing collaboration between the head coach and general manager, and discusses player contracts, performance-based lineup decisions, and the supportive environment provided for players attending Middle Georgia State University.


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[2:06] Sean Stevens Baseball Journey From Discovery to Determination

[5:49] Finding Purpose in Coaching

[07:32] The Recruiting Journey at Middle Georgia State

[10:25] Online Recruitment in College Baseball

[13:15] The Importance of Baseball IQ in Player Success

[16:22] Understanding the World of Summer Collegiate Baseball

[20:31] Selecting Players for Summer Baseball Teams

[22:22] Contrasting the Cape Cod League and Other Summer Baseball Experiences

[25:18] Player’s Contracts in Summer Leagues

[28:08] The Relationship Between Coaches and GMs in Summer Baseball

[33:08] Player Performance and Immediate Impact in Summer Baseball Leagues

[34:24] Navigating Lineup Dynamics

[39:06] Understanding College Expenses at Middle Georgia State

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