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Micah Franklin

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In this podcast, Micah Franklin, the manager of the Oakland Ballers in the Pioneer League, discusses the team's entry into independent baseball, focusing on winning and the challenges of player recruitment. The team's unique approach to signing players, with an initial emphasis on position players, is highlighted, and the coaching staff, including notable names like Don Wakamatsu and J.T. Snow, is introduced. Micah shares insights into the team's spring training schedule and the importance of a specific directional bat path for hitting success. The conversation shifts to Micah's scouting experience, emphasizing the growing role of analytics in player selection. He discusses scouting notable players like Cody Bellinger and details Bellinger's transformation in hitting approach. Game planning, opponent analysis, and the importance of trust between players and coaches are key themes. The rarity of hitting coaches reaching out is mentioned, underscoring the significance of effective communication in player development.


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[01:14] The Manager’s Independent Baseball Journey

[03:18] The Unconventional Approach to Roster Recruitment in Independent Baseball

[06:14] A Hitter's Evolution from Net Practice to the Big Leagues

[09:55] Rediscovering Success by Going Opposite Field

[11:29] 7 to 22: Crafting the Perfect Swing Path

[14:02] A Journey through the Majors and Back to the Cage From Scouting to Swinging

[16:52] Decoding the Art of Hitting through Scouting Insights

[18:40] Spotting Future Stars in Scouting

[20:51] Cody's Journey in Baseball

[26:12] Mind Games in Baseball

[28:06] The Secrets Behind Simple Drills

[29:55] Simple Strategies for Young Hitters

[32:20] Getting Better in Practice and Why Perfect Isn't the Goal

[36:19] Efficiency in Swings

[41:48] Mastering the Effective Batting Drills

[44:52] Game Planning

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