3 Hitting Tips Only A 15 Year MLB Veteran Would Know
- Michael Cuddyer

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Michael Cuddyer, a retired Major League Baseball player with 15 years of experience, two-time All-Star, Silver Slugger Award winner, NL batting champion, and inductee in the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame, is the guest in this week's episode.

The episode focuses on Cuddyer's approach to hitting, making adjustments, and his perspective on statistics for game planning against pitchers.

Discussion Highlights:

Approach to Hitting:

  Cuddyer emphasizes the importance of understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, and not solely relying on data. He discusses using anecdotes and personal experiences to refine batting techniques.

Adjustments and Game Planning:

  He talks about how he adjusted his approach depending on the pitcher he was facing, focusing on their tendencies at the beginning and end of the count.

  Cuddyer stresses the importance of not being too data-driven and maintaining the ability to react and adapt during the game.

Mental Aspect of Baseball:

  Discussion about the mental challenges players face, such as dealing with pressure and maintaining confidence.

  Cuddyer shares personal stories of how he managed these challenges during his career.

Coaching and Development:

  Insights into coaching strategies, particularly for younger players, emphasizing the need to tailor approaches to individual needs and capacities.

  The importance of teaching players to be self-reliant and to understand their own game.


Cuddyer's Personal Experiences:

  He shares his experiences and lessons learned throughout his career, including the importance of being a team player and the mental preparation that goes into professional baseball.

 The episode wraps up with Cuddyer’s thoughts on the current state of baseball coaching and development, offering advice for coaches and players.


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[1:33] Data, Anecdotes, and Individualization in Baseball Development

[5:55] Reflecting as a first time Manager.

[09:51] Learning to compete

[12:27] Data-Driven Game Planning

[14:22] Balancing Personal Strengths and Tactical Awareness in Hitting

[17:23] Approach Based on Pitcher Tendencies and Game Situation

[23:41] Sitting Speeds for Timing Consistency

[28:39] Dealing with fear

[34:23] Helping high school kids with the mental side of the game

[36:55] Lessons learned from Survivor

[46:34] Hitting Insights from Influential Minds

[50:01] Adapting Beliefs in Hitting Philosophy

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