University of Utah Recruiting Coordinator | Mike Brown

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In this podcast, Mike Brown, the recruiting coordinator at the University of Utah, discusses the details of recruiting players for college baseball programs. Brown shares insights on scholarship allocation, recruiting strategies, and evaluating player potential, emphasizing character traits. They discuss prioritizing key positions like starters, shortstops, catchers, and center fielders for scholarships and recruiting Juco players and transfers. Evaluating high school players involves assessing adaptability and attitude, with a focus on arm action for infielders and hitting mechanics for hitters. The podcast highlights the importance of generating backspin line drives and discusses player development, team culture, and the challenges of competing at higher levels.

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[01:48] Decoding College Baseball Scholarships

[03:40] Scholarships, Juco Players, and Walk-Ons

[06:15] Evaluating High School Players for Division One Baseball

[08:23] Navigating the Shift in College Baseball Recruiting while Balancing Potential vs. Readiness

[10:28] Evaluating High School Baseball Prospects

[11:45] Insights and Lessons Learned from Experience

[15:17] Evaluating Character and Engagement in Baseball Recruits

[19:29] Essential Traits in Evaluating Infielders

[23:07] What Todd Williams Looks for in Hitters When It Comes to Hitting Standpoint

[25:23] The Theory Behind Low-Line Drives

[26:46] What Utah Baseball Teaches Its Players

[28:39] Utah's Two-Strike Philosophy

[34:31] Understanding Pitching Velocity in College Baseball

[36:38] Mike Brown’s College Baseball Recruitment Journey

[43:57] Experience within the SEC while Playing College Baseball

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