Perry Husband explains the concept of effective velocity in hitting

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Perry Husband is a renowned baseball and softball coach who specializes in effective velocity (EV) training. He has worked with numerous professional players and teams, including Carlos Pena and the National Champion University of Oklahoma Softball Team. Perry is the founder of and is known for his innovative approach to hitting and pitching.

Perry Husband discusses the concept of effective velocity (EV) and its impact on pitcher deception. He explains how EV measures every aspect of pitcher deception, including speed, movement, and location. Perry also introduces the idea of the attention zone, which is the speed range on which hitters are most focused. He emphasizes the importance of understanding EV to optimize hitting and pitching strategies.

Key Takeaways:
Effective velocity (EV) measures every aspect of pitcher deception, including speed, movement, and location.
Hitters have a speed range, known as the attention zone, where they are most focused and produce the best results.
Pitchers can use EV to their advantage by throwing pitches that look the same but have different speeds and movements.
The highest exit velocity and hardest-hit balls occur in the attention zone, around 92 to 87 EV miles per hour.
Hitters should train to be 100% on time and have 100% mechanical efficiency to maximize their hitting potential.

"Speed is super relative. Every place in the strike zone has a place that it needs to be hit, where I have to get extended to get there." - Perry Husband.

"Big league hitters have about a six-mile-an-hour speed range where they produce at a high level." - Perry Husband.

"The attention zone is where all the hard-hit balls happen. It's the peak of all hitting statistics." - Perry Husband.


Perry Husband:

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[1:08] Understanding Effective Velocity


[6:24] Understanding How Zone Works


[17:20] Speed is Relative


[19:20] Using Effective Velocity in the Game


[22:53] Being Drawn to the same Speed


[27:05] A Story About Dustin Maze


[28:25] Following Logic


[31:00] Up and Away Fastball


[42:50] Things to do Differently


[47:09] Moving the Fastball all Over the Place


[54:14] Example of 100/100