Beating the yips and overcoming setbacks - Jacob Nix

Episode #281

In this episode, we talk to Jacob Nix. Jacob is a pitcher in the San Diego Padres organization. Throughout his journey in being a professional baseball, he experienced a lot of challenges, struggles, and injuries in which he shares these experiences in this episode. He also shares what he had encountered during drafting and how he struggled with the yips. With his experiences, he gives great tips to players who are going through the same way he had gone through.

Time Stamps

[2:00] Different challenges and struggles faced by Jacob Nix.

[4:57] Going back to playing baseball after going through a series of injuries.

[7:31] Experiencing a series of injuries and surgeries once more.

[10:28] Getting cleared to play once more in the field.

[12:32] Undergoing rehabilitation.

[13:55] Being on the roster for the game.

[16:05] Jacob Nix’s experience of getting drafted.

[25:21] Applying to different colleges.

[30:18] Getting the sense back into the game.

[36:25] Things Jacob Nix learned about himself and pitching.

[39:15] Tips that pitchers can use.

[43:16] Be patient and teach your body to make adjustments really quickly.

[47:01] Best way to reach out to Jacob Nix.

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Twitter: JacobNix33

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