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Patrick Jones Baseball

Hosted by: Patrick Jones

This baseball podcast will be centered around player and coach development. We will discuss everything from mechanics, the mental game, practice design, and even college recruiting. Apple Podcast:...

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Chase Gerberick : Life as a D1 Baseball Player

On today's episode, my guest is Chase Gerbrick. Chase is a freshman at Lipscomb. He talks about what his first fall ball was like he also talked about his life as a college baseball player, and how he got recruited to...
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Krista Stoker - Building a data-driven softball facility

On today's episode, my guest is Krista Stoker. Krista is the co-founder of S2 Breakthrough, which is a data-driven softball player development facility. they're focusing on player development for softball players, but...
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Brett Caroll: Developing a Travel Baseball Organization

In today's episode, We talk about Brett Caroll. Brett recently started a travel baseball organization in Knoxville Tennessee, BC Athletics. They offer Post grad programs and travel baseball. Brett gives his Insights...
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Ryan Westmoreland: "The Red Sox Left Handed Mike Trout"

In today’s episode, we talk to Ryan Westmoreland. More than 10 years ago, Ryan was the Boston Red Sox Top prospect. He was drafted out of high school and was signed with Vanderbilt University. However, due to...
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Ryan Brownlee: Time Management Strategy for College Baseball Players

In this episode, I talk to Ryan Brownlee. Ryan is a former college coach for 20 years at the Division 1 level. He has been a head coach and also a recruiting coordinator. He is currently working for the American...
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Aaron Clopton - Indiana University Softball

Episode #282

In today’s episode, we talk to Aaron Clopton. Aaron is currently an assistant softball coach at Indiana University. He may have been in softball for over 20 years, but he also has done stuff outside softball like...
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Beating the yips and overcoming setbacks - Jacob Nix

Episode #281

In this episode, we talk to Jacob Nix. Jacob is a pitcher in the San Diego Padres organization. Throughout his journey in being a professional baseball, he experienced a lot of challenges, struggles, and injuries in...
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University of Texas Hitting Coach - Caleb Longley

Episode #280

In this week's episode, we talk to Caleb Longley. Caleb was formerly a hitting coach at Arizona State University. Now, he is currently coaching at the University of Texas. Caleb shares excellent insights into what he...
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Becoming an SEC College Baseball Player - Cade Beloso

Episode #279

In this episode, we talk to Cade Beloso. Cade currently plays for LSU. He talks about in this episode of being able to go through adversity having an injury, having other things come up and just continue to battle...
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New York Yankees Hitting Coach - Trevor Amicone

Episode #278

Trevor Amicone is currently a hitting coach in the New York Yankees Organization this past year and he was as well in Triple A, serving as their hitting coach there. Trevor has also a background and experience of...
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D1 Scholarship Pulled to Pac 12 Pitcher of the Year - Troy Rallings

Episode #277

In this episode, we have Troy Rallings. Troy is a former Pac-12 pitcher of the Year at the University of Washington. While in high school, he was recruited by another D1 program and ended up getting his scholarship...
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Pitching Tips from a former MLB Pitcher - Jacob Turner

Episode #276

Jacob Turner is a former player who was a first-round pick in 2009, #9 in the draft and had an MLB career. He also played for several years in the big leagues and Korea. He has retired from playing and is now an...
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