University of Texas Hitting Coach - Caleb Longley

Episode #280

In this week's episode, we talk to Caleb Longley. Caleb was formerly a hitting coach at Arizona State University. Now, he is currently coaching at the University of Texas. Caleb shares excellent insights into what he has been doing from a development standpoint. He also talks about what he is looking for from a recruiting aspect. Aside from being a hitting coach, he has his own business called Marv Training. This company has excellent products that help a lot of hitters and pitchers with their training.

Time stamps

[1:01] Something new in Caleb Longley’s life.

[1:44] Structuring to becoming a college coach.

[4:29] Lessons learned in the past year working with players.

[5:46] Lessons from the mental side of the game.

[6:34] Lessons from being a college coach.

[16:39] Being a relentless competitor mean.

[19:19] What are you looking for when recruiting players?

[21:47] Common flaws from a high school player standpoint.

[25:01] Things that helped hitters who had issues.

[26:28] Time spent with players during the fall.

[28:27] Advices to a coach aspiring to the same position as Caleb Longley.

[33:40] Ideal average exit velocity.

[35:31] Working with the pitching machine ball.

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