Becoming an SEC College Baseball Player - Cade Beloso

Episode #279

In this episode, we talk to Cade Beloso. Cade currently plays for LSU. He talks about in this episode of being able to go through adversity having an injury, having other things come up and just continue to battle through. He gets into what it takes to be able to play in the SEC as well as what it's like to train in the offseason, such as what a typical day is like as an LSU Tigers.


[2:56] What is a typical fall ball in college baseball?

[3:37] How long have you been doing this?

[4:09] What’s something that you’ve learned about yourself since you’ve been in college?

[4:53] Is that something that you had to learn the hard way?

[5:44] What would you say was the difference between that year and other years in your college?

[6:42] Were you worried about getting drafted?

[7:44] What helped you make that transition into realizing this isn’t working and that you need to make a change?

[8:28] What is your routine like?

[10:00] What is balancing on film rollers?

[10:41] What do you think on the core velocity belt?

[11:26] How long does your entire routine take on a regular typical day?

[12:19] What is the typical velocity like?

[13:17] Would you say everybody on the team can at least hit 95 above?

[14:41] What do you mean by using the ground?

[15:36] Have you ever thought about mechanics or have you ever gotten into mechanics? What is your thought process on mechanics in general?

[17:45] Is controlling the strike zone something that you feel like can be a trained skill?

[18:55] What is your approach or plan when you get in the box to help you control the strike zone and be okay with walking?

[20:01] What do soft focus and hard focus mean?

[21:16] Do you change your plan a lot based on the pitcher's tendencies or do you just stick to a generic plan for the most part?

[22:28] How good are you at picking up if a pitcher is tipping pitchers or not like we saw in the World Series?

[23:38] Are you surprised at the level of pitching and how good pitching is in the SEC versus when you got there or has it been about the same?

[24:29] Did you ever psych yourself out knowing that it was a top prospect who you were facing?

[24:59] How do you deal with being taunted?

[25:56] What is your take on the new rules as an actual college player?

[26:44] What are some of the numbers that you’ve heard from guys getting NIL deals?

[27:15] Do you have any deals?

[27:48] Do you have to promote all your deals? How does that work?

[29:30] What is a typical day for you?

[32:03] When you’ve seen guys who have struggled, what do you think are the reasons they've struggled?

[33:23] What piece of advice would you give kids going through the recruiting process now?

[35:01] Is it true that if you go to a big-time school in the SEC, you don't play well in the fall?

[36:47] Do you think that guys just get too big of a head when they get in?

[37:38] What is the average velocity would you say that you typically face?

[38:04] Would you recommend a lot of these young guys hitting off machines regular? What should be something that they should be doing to help get them ready to face those types of arms?


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