New York Yankees Hitting Coach - Trevor Amicone

Episode #278

Trevor Amicone is currently a hitting coach in the New York Yankees Organization this past year and he was as well in Triple A, serving as their hitting coach there. Trevor has also a background and experience of being a high school and a college baseball coach and in this episode, he shares his experiences. He shares his knowledge on different aspects not just hitting but the game in general, coaching, and what it really is all about at the end of the day.


[2:13] Did you want to be in broadcasting before coaching or how did that all come about?

[5:13] Do you respect broadcasters more now having been through that and understanding just how hard it is?

[7:23] What’s something that you wish you would have done differently if you could go back now as a high school coach?

[9:32] Do you feel like the practices you had were just too easy?

[12:02] Do you think high school coaches should still focus and spend a lot of time on pick offs, cuts and relays, and rundowns or is it an overkill?

[13:31] You have to work on things that are going to happen the most in baseball.

[13:53] What was your transition like from high school to college? What was your reaction when you started coaching in college?

[16:09] Not everybody knows everything about everything.

[16:45] What are some of the things that you would implement to help create a competitive advantage amongst everybody else based on what you’ve seen?

[19:46] How do you think college coaches make it look harder than it actually is?

[22:48] How should players go about trying to get recruited to play?

[26:03] Did you utilize social media as a coach?

[29:05] What would you attribute to the skills that you have as a coach?

[31:34] What’s the best piece of advice your mom has given you as a coach?

[35:59] What’s the biggest difference between great and good players?

[37:34] Don’t you think that if a player wanted it that bad, they can make those changes?

[42:36] What’s your advice with people who work a lot with high school kids to get them ready to reach their potential at that next level?

[48:19] When you say take care of yourself, do you also mean to take care of yourself physically like working out?

[52:00] What advice would you give to those young coaches out there?


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