D1 Scholarship Pulled to Pac 12 Pitcher of the Year - Troy Rallings

Episode #277

In this episode, we have Troy Rallings. Troy is a former Pac-12 pitcher of the Year at the University of Washington. While in high school, he was recruited by another D1 program and ended up getting his scholarship pulled. We hear a lot about that in the recruiting world now, and Troy lived it. Still, he persevered and ended up attending the University of Washington and becoming the Pac-12 pitcher of the year.


[3:12] Why do you want to stay in baseball and continue to coach, develop, and help players get recruited?

[4:22] Have you been in the travel baseball scene?

[5:32] What are some ways you feel you can change the industry?

[9:47] How do you monitor arm stress?

[12:44] Where do you think travel baseball is going in the next 3-5 years?

[16:10] What are some of the things you're doing to help get their name out and get them recruited?

[21:21] How do you educate the parents and be honest with them when reviewing the recruiting process and where their kids stand right now?

[23:48] What are your thoughts on finding the right fit?

[26:18] What about the kids who aren't Power Five kids? Would you give them the same advice?

[29:46] How many players do you think never reach their potential because they don't believe that they deserve to have success?

[35:22] It's more than the money. It's about the influence of the impact and the relationships.

[36:37] If it's not the reality I want, let's just pause, take a deep breath and look at it and say, okay, what is it?

[37:01] How were you recruited in high school?


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