Pitching Tips from a former MLB Pitcher - Jacob Turner

Episode #276

Jacob Turner is a former player who was a first-round pick in 2009, #9 in the draft and had an MLB career. He also played for several years in the big leagues and Korea. He has retired from playing and is now an entrepreneur; where he and his brother started  JL Strategic Wealth company.

In this episode, Jacob talks about how he made adjustments on the mound as a pitcher and what things he would do differently if he could start over again as a young pitcher.

Aside from baseball, he also talks about his transition after baseball, becoming an entrepreneur.

Time Stamps:

[3:33] If you go back and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be to a young Jacob Turner just coming up through the minor leagues? 

[5:01] How did you keep your energy level neutral when you didn’t do well?

[7:10] Is there a time when you shouldn’t stick to the process anymore?

[8:31] What was different between your best year in the MLB as a 22-year-old? 

[12:20] When you started struggling in 2013-2014, were you trying to find a new feeling, or were you still trying to find that feeling you had when you were dominant?

[12:38] What’s the most significant difference between facing big league hitters versus minor league hitters?

[17:20] Were you ever trying to add more velocity to get back to the big leagues?

[12:27] Why did you stop playing when you were only 28?

[21:36] How did you enjoy playing over in Korea?

[22:56] What was one thing you learned while in Korea?

[23:55] If you had a son, would you let him sign out of high school?

[26:49] Do you know anybody who has struggled to transition out of baseball?

[28:04] Can you take everyone through what you did after playing?

[32:17] What things stand out to you that successful people have?

[35:23] Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

[36:58] Was there a moment when you realized what type of a business this was when you were a player?

[38:30] What was the process like when you were being sent down or released?

[40:13] What’s the most significant difference between minor and major leagues?


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