Ryan Westmoreland: "The Red Sox Left Handed Mike Trout"

In today’s episode, we talk to Ryan Westmoreland. More than 10 years ago, Ryan was the Boston Red Sox Top prospect. He was drafted out of high school and was signed with Vanderbilt University. However, due to unfortunate health issues, his career was cut short. Nevertheless, he started coaching and helping high school and college players. In this episode, Ryan talks about how his day-to-day routine as a coach and what system he usually adhere to when working with players. He also shares his thoughts and opinions regarding analytics and technology in baseball as well as in helping players with their movement and mechanics. Ryan also talks about his past experiences in getting recruited for college and how he dealt with his unfortunate health issues.


[4:14] Daily coaching routine

[5:07] System used when working with players

[6:34] Opinion on analytics and technology in baseball from a coaching standpoint

[9:05] Thoughts on helping players move better and have better mechanics

[12:04] Time management

[13:21] Development process

[17:46] Draft process

[20:49] College Recruiting experience

[42:18] Years in Coaching

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