Krista Stoker - Building a data-driven softball facility

On today's episode, my guest is Krista Stoker. Krista is the co-founder of S2 Breakthrough, which is a data-driven softball player development facility. they're focusing on player development for softball players, but they're using data-driven methods and research.

So not just solely being anecdotal about everything, but actually applying data and research to their methods on how to develop softball, pitchers, and hitters.


[13:51] The Idea Behind S2 Breakthrough Programs 

[15:44] Recruitment Process of S2 Breakthrough

[19:29] Funding and resource Limitations for Softball Development Centers 

[23:25] Effective use of training techniques for young players to reach their potential

[27:06] The importance of Pitch Counts on the development of young players 

[33:08] The similarities and differences between hitting and pitching in softball 

[34:29] Katie Stewart’s hitting success 

[38:40] The scale of S2 Breakthrough’s athlete training program 

[39:05] The future of growth and expansion of S2 Breakthrough

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