Chase Gerberick : Life as a D1 Baseball Player

On today's episode, my guest is Chase Gerbrick. Chase is a freshman at Lipscomb. He talks about what his first fall ball was like he also talked about his life as a college baseball player, and how he got recruited to play at Lipscomb. Chase has a great recruiting story. I think it's going to be inspiring to a lot of high schools baseball players out there. He also talked about what you need to do to be able to put yourself in a position to get recruited.



[3:16] Insights on college baseball experience

[4:29] Hard adjustments in college baseball experience

[9:08] The role of pre-college development in college baseball performance.

[12:59] Differences in bat speed between high school and college baseball

[18:34]Chase Gerbrick's Pursuit of Excellence in D1 Baseball

[19:27] Understanding Chase Gerbrick’s Goals and Plans in Baseball

[21:19] Looking at Chase Gerbrick’s Recruitment process

[25:09] Biggest Misconceptions in College Baseball Recruitment process

[34:25] Factors to consider when choosing a college baseball school

[38:12] Determining the Best Fit for Immediate Playing Opportunities

[43:49] Looking Ahead:  Chase Gerbrick as a College Baseball Coach

[47:14] College athletics and corporate sponsorship

[50:56] The Mission of Chase Gerbrick  in college baseball programs



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