Aaron Longenecker: Secret Service Agent Becomes D1 College Softball Coach

On today's episode, my guest is Aaron Longenecker. Aaron is currently the hitting coach for the Souther Mississippi softball team. Aaron spent 20 years as a United States secret service agent before becoming a softball coach. In this episode, Aaron explains his process in developing hitters at Southern Miss, how he uses Twitter as a recruiting tool, and how his previous career in the secret service helps him today as a coach.



[3:57] Transition from US Secret Service Agent to Hitting Coach.

[5:49] Aaron's baseball past before joining the US Secret Service.

[6:38] The coaching itch during his college and early career.

[9:16] The impact of Hal Mcray on Aaron Longenecker's baseball journey.

[11:07] The Thought process behind Aaron Longenecker's Coaching Career. 

[12:16] The appeal of softball over other sports.

[15:20] Recruiting process in travel softball.

[17:26] Suggestions for enhancing the travel softball experience.

[18:44] Identifying potential players to recruit.

[19:27] Twitter as a qualified lead in the Recruitment Process. 

[24:31] The role of being a secret service in determining desirable personality traits in a player.

[29:06] Southern Mississippi practice environment.

[33:59] Approach and plan during the game.

[36:39] Processes for helping players improve their Mental Game. 

[44:11] Surrounding yourself with the right people.


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