How to build a successful program W/ Patrick Murphy

In today’s episode, my guest is Patrick Murphy, Head Softball Coach at The University of Alabama. His staff has been named NFCA south regional staff of the year 11x, including national staff of the year in 2012, he’s in the Alabama sports hall of fame, and in 2012 the Alabama Crimson Tide won the National Championship. More importantly, Coach Murphy is a good person who cares about his players. I visited him this past fall at the University of Alabama and was blown away by how well his program is run. In today’s episode, we talk about how to build a program, college recruiting, and developing players on and off the field.


[3:50] Strategies for Involving Parents and Players

[14:24] The Three C’s

[17:10] Building a Strong Culture 

[24:45] Strategies for Handling Discussions about Playing Time

[29:31] Dealing with Failure

[30:21] The Impact of the Transfer Portal on College Athletics

[34:52] Personal and Professional Development for Coaches

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