How to develop a high school pitcher W/Jason Mills

On this week's episode, we welcome Jason Mills. Jason is the head coach for DH Conley High School, pitching coach for the Canes 17u National, scout for the New York Mets, President of the North Carolina baseball coaches association, and a high school chemistry teacher. This episode discusses developing high school pitchers in a team setting. If you enjoy this episode, please share it with someone you think would like to listen.



[2:18] Weekly Activities to Reach Your Potential: A Guide for Maximum Growth and Success

[4:52] Role of a strength coach in high school baseball

[13:15] Pitch Counts

[20:25] Year-Round Throwing

[28:48] Scouting pitchers

[40:30] Framework for developing pitches

[44:33] The risks and benefits of throwing breaking balls

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