The Mental Game W/ Andy McKay

This week we welcome one of the best coaches I have heard speak on the mental side of the game, Andy Mckay. Andy is currently the Assistant GM for the Seattle Mariners. In this episode, we talk about goal setting, preparing for failure, and why as a coach, you should be coaching a player's response and not their result.


Time Stamps

[6:04] The Importance of Long-Term and Short-Term Goals for Players

[11:41] Key Focus Areas for Mental development

[19:04] Helping players Prepare for Failure

[26:07] Coaching the Response not the Result

[29:47] Changing the Pitching Approach

[34:48] Game-Changing Epiphanies: When Baseball Players' Realizations Alter Their Perspective on the Field

[37:24] Knowing a Player, Process Beyond the Data

[40:41] Strategies for Helping Players Overcome the Fear of Failure

[49:25] Realizations all throughout Andy’s Coaching Career

[51:35] The Qualities and Practices that Make a Great Baseball Coach 

[54:04] Quantifying the Impact and Progress of Baseball Coaches


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