The Science of Hitting, Bat Fitting, and Force Plates | Chad Miller

Chad Miller is the Co-Founder of the Louisville Slugger Science Hitting Center. Chad works with players at every level of the game and is a consultant to several MLB organizations. He is on the cutting edge of technology in hitting, and In this episode, we talk about some of the things that Chad walks us through in his evaluation process. We get into bat fitting, force plates, technology, and his vision for the future of hitting development.



[2:37] Common Hitting Traits that Need Improvement

[11:00] The Importance of Balance in a Player’s Hitting process

[13:23] The Importance of Ground Work in a Player's Hitting Process

[17:17] The Value of Technology in Coaching

[25:49] Key Takeaways from Bat Fitting: Improving Player Performance Through Proper Equipment

[34:10] Chad Miller’s Long-Term Vision

[35:51] Common Mistakes of Baseball Coaches

[39:12] Handling a Player’s Training Feedback

[42:35] Choosing the Perfect Equipment for a Baseball Player

[45:28] Thoughts on Blast Motion


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