Hitting Development @ Virginia Tech University | Kurt Elbin

Patrick Jones @pjonesbaseball is joined by Kurt Elbin @elbin_kurt this week. Kurt is the recruiting coordinator and associate head coach at Virginia Tech University. He has coached at division 3 and division 2 levels of college baseball. Prior to Virginia Tech, he was at Virginia Commonwealth University, coaching under Shawn Stiffler who was recently on the podcast. In this episode Kurt opens up about his philosophy on developing hitters in his program, how he's evolved over time, recruiting, and gives advice to coaches who one day want to coach at the Power 5 level.


[3:32] Unconventional Techniques

[4:30] Changing Up The Variables for Players

[11:22] The Team’s Game Plan

[15:14] Virginia Tech’s Reputation

[18:17]Helping Players with The Mental Side of the Game

[21:54] The Significance of the Recruitment Process

[29:58] Identifying Great Players

[33:07] Learning from Coaching Mistakes and Proud Moments

[36:57] The Pitch Clock

[40:32Typical Coaching Day

[46:19] Advice for Younger Coaches


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