ESPN Analyst & Former College Softball All American | Tori Vidales

This week I sat down with current ESPN Softball Analyst and former All-American @ Texas A&M, Tori Vidales. Tori is currently a professional softball player for Athletes Unlimited. In this episode, she talks about her background as a player, adjusting as an analyst, and what she wants to improve upon this upcoming season with Athletes Unlimited.


Timestamps for Tori Vidales


[2:35] Highschool Journey 


[7:30] Hitting off of a Tee


[8:44] Routine before playing the game 


[13:35] Post Softball life


[13:20] Biggest difference between Athletes Unlimited and the WPF


[22:52] TV Commenting Career 


[32:19] Interviewing or Commentating


[34:21 Delivering Analytics 


[36:16] Things to look for when watching Hitter 


[38:51] Approach at the Plate 


[41:30] The Toughest Pitcher


[44:39] Things to Improve upon 


[47:57] The Best Hitter in the World 



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